SkyLINK assists man victimized by Christmas Eve car theft

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Christopher Vamvakis isn’t exaggerating when he says that SkyLINK, powered by Inilex, prevented his life from being destroyed. Vamvakis is a Phoenix resident and a SkyLINK user who considers his car a lifeline. It’s essential for him to have a vehicle to commute to and from work and school, and he estimates he drives more than 50 miles every day. What’s more, as a construction worker hit hard by the economic downturn, Vamvakis doesn’t always have the same commute because he happily takes work where he can find it, so his job site could be anywhere in the metro area. Without his car, Vamvakis would be completely unable to meet his responsibilities.

On Christmas Eve, Vamvakis generously lent his car to someone he didn’t know well, and to his horror, it was never returned. Vamvakis’ efforts to retrieve it from the individual were unsuccessful. Luckily, Vamvakis had made a one-time investment in a SkyLINK Theft Recovery device when he purchased his car used from ABC Nissan in Phoenix.

“The decision to get SkyLINK was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said Vamvakis.

Upon realizing that his car had, in fact, been stolen, Vamvakis called SkyLINK operators, who are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They were able to track the car instantly.

Vamvakis called the Phoenix Police Department and was told that detectives who handle car thefts were out for the Christmas holiday, and he should call back on Monday – two days later. But Vamvakis couldn’t wait because his car was essential to him, not only for commuting around town, but also because he had family obligations for Christmas.

Thankfully, because of his SkyLINK connection Vamvakis didn’t have to wait until officers returned from Christmas to recover his car.

Because SkyLINK was tracking the precise location of the car at all times and the SkyLINK operators could report the specifics of its current location, on-duty Phoenix officers were dispatched immediately. This car theft was registered as a “crime in progress” to the police, which designates it as a high-priority call.

“I have no doubt that if I had to wait another couple of days until after the holidays the car would have been stripped or used in a drug-deal,” added Vamvakis.

The car was recovered only a few hours later in a high-crime area of Phoenix. That afternoon, Vamvakis walked almost 10 miles to retrieve his car, a brief glimpse into what his life would be like without his vehicle.

If it weren’t for SkyLINK, Vamvakis would not have received such immediate action from Phoenix police officers over the Christmas holiday. They would have filed a report, but no investigation into the whereabouts of Vamvakis’ car would have taken place until at least 48 hours later. By that time, it might have been too late to find it and Vamvakis would have been faced with a tremendously expensive headache.

Because of SkyLINK, Vamvakis’ holidays were bright.

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